Get To Know Us

The information you provide here is only shared with your authorization and exclusively for the purpose you have contracted. This permission gives access only to data viewing and it is not possible to make any movement in your accounts.A platform that connects the small business with its accounting.

We also connect with banks, government and other applications so that the business owner has only what he needs.We are committed to the success of the small entrepreneur so we guarantee the delivery of rich and instructional material to assist in education.We have a dedicated team to serve our customers and offer a WOW experience, from a product with a great experience to support.

Freedom to perform
We believe that every business owner deserves success. It deserves to achieve, conquer and evolve. We know that day to day is not easy. That’s why we exist. To give small businesses more organization, control and time. We use technology to simplify what is complex and bureaucratic on a platform, where the accountant and business owner work together. The challenges of having a business are many but with you have the freedom to overcome them.